Who we are ? 

Neowine’s brand is ALPU, DORCA, ENTANG, and GENESIS as a product series.In particular, DORCA-10, 20 series for latest IoT security attracts attention from several customers by dramatic small size, extremely low power consumption, perfect security and high performance.

All of Neowine members are doing their best to develop a next generation innovative encryption security semiconductor which can be used in social network such as CPND (Contents Platform Network Device), ICBM (Internet, Claud, Big Data, Mobile), FEPO (Fintech, End 2 End, Peer 2 Peer, Online 2 Offline) and TGIF (Twitter Google iPhone Facebook).

Neowine has developed an encryption security semiconductor based on AES-128bit encryption & decryption and key management inside 1mm x 1mm of small size and sold out 100 million of the existing ALPU products which was applied to more than 2,000 companies and they are still being used at more than 400 companies, even though most people are thinking that hardware encryption & decryption is very difficult and expensive.

In order to satisfy an increased security demand, Neowine is supplying a very low cost security semiconductor which can support encryption & decryption, key management and private license function, etc..

Neowine will lead the more secure world for human life.

What is ALPU chip ?

ALPU’s Copy Protection Solution 

  1. ASIC solution
  • ALPU is hard to duplicate because of built-in algorithms on ASIC.
  • The PCB and Firmware can be duplicated, but can’t model ALPU’s encryption data.
  1. Unique ID & Algorithm
  • Each company’s ASIC is provided with different ID, Algorithms & encryption data.
  1. No ALPU no work
  • MCU communicates with Neowine ALPU at system Booting or main function

Why Alpu ? 

  • ALPU is the world best solution for system copy protection
  • Innovative solution
  • Strong Encryption Algorithm
  • Low cost solution
  • Patent fee free
  • Easy and Simple Interface
  • Easy to get royalty & an amount of production
  • Safe for encryption
  • Quick & very good support 

Products & Technology : 

Neowine is supplying Hardware-based Security security solutions optimized for IoT evirnment. In particular, Neowine is concerning all efforts on develioping enhanced DORCA security chipsets for future finacial transaction, biometrics and 1:n commuication situation, etc..

Recent trend of circuit design and marketing has become very hybrid and complex such as uniting systems, parts, SoC, firmware, middleware, applications, software, and web-service. In other words, beside traditional logic-design, there is a need of a broader understanding about semiconductor products that embrace CPU, MCU and software. Considering this trend, Neowine supports our customers with easy and accessible services.

If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us