Our Vision

Clear market segmentation and positioning strategy, and thus grasp the future  trends. Through the Team member’s hard working and efforts to provide the technical solutions and meet the market requirement are the momentum of the driving force for growth.

Short-Term goals:
  • Under the principle of fair and open, nurturing talent, and build consensus.
  • Continued to introduce high-end innovation products, providing more complete product portfolios and increasing competitiveness.
  • Continued the construction of the company's organization, deep market penetration for expanding market share.
  • Share the business result with employees and shareholders.

Mid-Term objectives:
  • Strengthen the export products’ competitiveness to diversity the income revenue increase.
  • Balanced portion of Import and Export sales ratio to reduce the operational risk.

Long-term goals :
  • Create high-quality organization of high efficiency and high profits.
  • Based in Taiwan, think globally, try to maintain a leading position in Component & IT industry.