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About us 

Qulsar is disrupting the way precision timing is delivered in mobile networks, networked machines (cyber physical systems or the Internet of Things), the new smart grid infrastructure, and private networks. The market is big and growing, with rapidly emerging and growing demands for cost optimal precision timing solutions.

Qulsar differentiates itself on unique algorithmic techniques to extract precise time. Multiple module and board level platforms are used to deliver this set of capabilities. Qulsar is post revenue, on its way to tripling revenue bookings this year. The team is full of domain experts and leaders in this unique area of expertise.

Qulsar is rapidly accelerating its reach, product portfolio and widening market penetration.

Qulsar is privately owned and funded and headquartered in San Jose, California and has an office in Kista, Sweden.

Qulsar was formed from the merger of Qulsar & Conemtech AB.

Our products

Precise time synchronization requirements are emerging in multiple industries including mobile infrastructure, power smart grid, industrial automation and sensor networks. Qulsar’s Managed Timing Engines (MTE) are designed to deliver embedded precise timing, especially implementing the IEEE 1588 PTP packet timing protocol and algorithms.

Qulsar has now evolved the M60 (fast Ethernet full PTP ordinary clocks) to its next generation of timing engines (described below).
The MTEs come in three broad categories, and each is suited for different levels of integration, performance and application. The MTE Q-series (platform system) are fully characterized timing engines, most suited to high precision and performance critical applications. These MTE subsystems can be rapidly integrated and are highly versatile, providing custom levels of holdover performance for the host system. They could even be designed into a full system with a few changes.
The MTE P-series (boards) are high performance timing engines that use packet timing to deliver precise timing outputs. The MTE boards are mezzanine cards that can be quickly integrated into a host system and provide a stable timing outputs.
The MTE M-series (modules) form the core of all timing engines. They feature full packet timing capabilities and all the software and algorithms to derive precise time from packet networks. The MTE modules are most appropriate for integration into high volume applications, and use the MTE boards as an intermediate stage (reference designs).
The tables below outline some sample applications and the use of the different types of MTEs.

Series Description Features Applications

M series

MTE module

Miniature module

Low power
Multi-sync full timing solution

Femto / small cells, Cloud RAN Rf heads, sensors, oceanographic hydrophones

P series

MTE board

Embeddable mezzanine board

+ Full system solution
+ Simplified interfaces
+ Can be licensed
Rapid initial design in Carrier Ethernet Mobile Backhaul, Cloud RAN Baseband Controller

Qg Edge Gateway Master

(Sampling earlly versions with operators)


Standalone PTP Gateway Clock

+ Multi-sync solution (includes GNSS)
+ Fully characterized
+ Extended holdover

Small cell cluster sync,

Indoor/enterprise PTP/ multisync system