Ethernity’s FPGA SmartNICs offer ENET programmable hardware with up to 2 x 100G Ethernet, along with acceleration for essential network virtualization functions, to deliver improved performance, monitoring, load balancing, fault management, and security capabilities at a fraction of the CPU overhead.

With two generations of ACE-NICs to suit your specific port speed and throughput requirements, Ethernity has a solution for the most challenging of networking deployments.

Ethernity also offers a SmartNIC white box solution that can serve as either a standalone network interface device for Telco aggregation platforms or that can be connected to a server to enable even greater compute capability.


  • ACE-NIC : 

Ethernity’s ACE-NIC is an OpenFlow-enabled software acceleration NIC, operated on top of COTS servers. ACE-NIC accelerates performance by 50 times, dramatically reducing end-to-end latency associated with NFV platforms.

Some of the applications that can benefit from ACE-NIC include vSwitch offloading (OVS offload), SD-WAN and vCPE, vEPC (full data plane for vSGW and vPGW), vRouter, vBRAS/vBNG, vPE Router, Edge data appliances and vFW, network overlay/underlay offloading, data center gateways (DC-GW), monitoring, and SLA.

Ethernity offers the ENA1040F and ENA1044F versions of the ACE-NIC, with ENA1044F providing full OVS data path offload.

Features : 

  • 40G non-blocking throughput
  • OpenFlow-enabled
  • Protocol interworking, including support for 3GPP gateway, VxLAN, NVGRE, PB, QinQ, IP and others
  • 256K entries search filter
  • Per-flow rules, including header manipulation, filtering, switching, time stamping and programmable header compression
  • Load balancing at VM granularity
  • Integrated packet generator and analyser to support wire speed OAM/CFM functions
  • Programmable fragmentation and reassembly
  • Per-frame nanosecond accuracy time stamping
  • Wire speed NAPT
  • Hierarchical queuing, scheduling and shaping
  • L2/L3/L4 switch
  • Optional IPSec Tunnel available per project



  • ACE-NIC 100 : 

Ethernity’s ACE-NIC100 offers flexible 10/25/40/100G Ethernet connectivity and a programmable FPGA acceleration Flow Processor in a single standard adapter card, providing best-in-class NFV and security acceleration for CSPs, enterprise data centers, and standalone solutions.

The ACE-NIC100 provides flexible I/O capabilities with hardware acceleration to optimize virtual infrastructure for performance, scalability, power, and cost, while offloading VNF, security, and overlay networks to reduce OPEX and CAPEX.

Ethernity offers the ENA2040F and ENA2050F versions of the ACE-NIC 100 to meet differing port configuration requirements.

Features : 

  • Protocol interworking: L2/L3/MPLS/Overlay/NAT
  • 12M filter rules
  • 4K virtual interfaces
  • OVS and DPDK offload and acceleration
  • OF and NETCONF/YANG models of management
  • Option with/without XL710
  • NIC functions implemented on the FPGA
  • Jumbo frame support
  • IP packet fragmentation
  • Hierarchical Quality of Service (QoS) supporting 256K queues
  • Supports dedicated queues in hardware to shape and schedule traffic based on priority
  • Offloads:
    • TSO/LSO Stateless
    • VxLAN, NVGRE overlay networks
    • IPSec, firewall, and DDoS engine security
  • Optional IPSec Tunnel available per project
  • NIC in NID

Ethernity’s NIC-in-NID delivers complete Carrier Ethernet networking and NID functionality on FPGA with VNF performance acceleration for Telco demarcation solutions. This product provides a future-proof platform to support growing acceleration requirements and ever-changing networking needs at the speed of software development.

The NIC-in-NID offers great flexibility in that it can be ordered in one of two designs to meet your specific requirements:

  • The product can be supplied as a grey box (ENB1010ZD) to serve as a platform for SD-WAN or vCPE, with 2 x 10GbE and 8 x 1GbE ports and a PCI interface to be used as a serverextender for applications that require added computational capacity. This supports the strict low-cost requirements of Telco access and edge networks, while offering significant computational power and data path offloads performed on Ethernity’s FPGA.
  • The main board of the NIC-in-NID platform can serve as a low-cost 2 x 10GbE half/half-sized SmartNIC (ENA1010ZD) that can be plugged into any COTS server, providing traditional NID functionality with the advantage of hardware offload to the embedded FPGA, thereby freeing CPU resources.

Features : 

  • Flow-based processor, supporting OF/SDN concept
  • L2/3/4 flow classification, hierarchical ACL
  • Search engine up to 256K entries
  • Switch, router, MPLS and load balancing functions
  • Five-level packet header & payload manipulation and marking: MPLS, IP, QinQ (PB)
  • LAG (L2, L3, L4 distribution)
  • Wire speed NAT/NATPT
  • Header compression and fragmentation
  • Hierarchical traffic management
  • Hierarchical ACL, and mask configuration per field
  • Support of jumbo frames up to 9KB
  • Hierarchical MEF10 metering, on port, service, or flow level
  • 256 virtual port, each with 8 priority queues
  • Packet classification based on first 196 bytes in packet (can be extended)
  • Up to 2K queues
  • Support for four ME levels in compliance with TR-101 and TR-156
  • Rate limitation and storm control
  • Integrated packet generator and analyser to support OAM and BFD
  • VxLAN, NVGRE overlay networks, PPPoE, L2TP
  • IPSec Tunnel, with VxLAN or NVGRE overlay, available as an additional feature upon request
  • Configurable per flow functional actions:
    • -Filtering
    • -Trapping
    • -Mirroring
    • -Packet editing
    • -QoS remarking
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