"Everything you want to do with S parameters in one place"

ADK is a comprehensive set of SI utility tools to simplify many commonly encountered SI tasks to a single mouse click. ADK has been used daily for many years in major hardware companies. With ADK, new graduates can be trained to perform the tasks of middle-level SI engineers within a day. Among the 25+ SI Apps are  
  1. Fill in DC and correct passivity, reciprocity and causality errors in Touchstone files,
  2. Convert S parameters into TDR/TDT waveforms,
  3. Compute optimized TX tap coefficients, run channel simulation and plot eye diagrams,
  4. Convert S parameters into equivalent SPICE models,
  5. Combine multiple .snp files,
  6. Compliance testing, 2D field solver, S-param viewer and more.

Example 1
ADK corrects causality violation and outputs new Touchstone files for better channel simulation and impedance reading. Note how much the S parameters can change after causality correction.

Example 2
Converting S parameters into equivalent HSPICE models is just one mouse click away. Attempts to curvefit non-causal models will be futile. ADK’s causality correction ensures that the curvefitted models are also valid beyond the original frequency range.

Example 3
Going from S parameters to optimized TX FFE and RX CTLE and DFE coefficients and eye diagrams in NRZ or PAM-4 is again only one mouse click away.