The MultiLane SFP28 Development Kit provides the necessary development tools and reference modules required for the development of SFP28 based products. This kit is essential for development, testing and characterization of SFP28 based products. It can also be used for testing 25G/28G ports on routers and line-cards, electro-optical modules, and SFP28 active optical cables.

Complete SFP28 Development Kit
  1. ML4024 MCB MCB (Module Compliance Board)
  2. ML4023 HCB (Host Compliance Board)
  3. ML4026-28 Passive Loopback Module

ML4024 MCB : 

SFP28 Host (Small Form Factor 28) MSA Compliant Master Host board ML4024, is designed to provide an efficient and easy method of programming and testing 28G SFP28 transceivers. The ML4024 comes complete with Window’s based software and user manual to enable intuitive memory map programming and testing, controlled via mini B USB. The SFP28 host is designed to simulate an ideal environment for SFP28 transceivers module and cable testing, characterization and manufacturing tests. Its properties make the host board as electrically transparent as possible, allowing for a more accurate assessment of the module’s performance.

Software Capabilities
SFP28 Module Status/Control
MSA Compliancy
  • DUT voltage supply control (3.15V, 3.3V, 3.45V)
  • DUT Current Sense
  • Superior Signal Integrity Performance Rogers 3003 based PCBs
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Temperature Monitor
  • Four corner test capability
  • Supports 28G interfaces
  • I2C master driven from both on board micro controller or external pin headers
  • USB interface
  • User friendly GUI for I2C R/W commands and loading custom MSA Memory Maps
  • TX and RX channels comes with matching trace length
  • On-board LEDs showing MSA output Alarms states
  • On-board buttons/jumpers for MSA input control signals
  • 2.92mm 40GHz edge launch k connectors
  • OSP plating

ML4023 HCB : 
SFP28 (Small Form Factor) 28G Break-Out Module ML4023, is designed to provide an efficient and easy method to test and characterize line cards with 28G SFP ports. The ML4023 simply plugs into a SFP28 slot and provides access to RX and TX ports through high performance signal integrity breakout path. It comes with 4 2.92mm 40 GHz edge launch k connectors.
  • High Performance signal integrity traces
  • SFP28 MSA Form Factor
  • Low Insertion Loss Rogers 3003 based material
  • Supports single 28G TX & RX Lanes
    • High speed signals accessible through 4 2.92mm 40 GHz edge launch K connectors.
  • TX and RX channels comes with matching trace length of 3185 mils
  • High Speed Traces are Electroless Ni/Electroless Gold Plated. Hard gold plating for fingers.
ML4026-28 Loopback module : 
The ML4026 SFP28 Passive Electrical Loopback is used for testing SFP28 transceiver ports under board level tests. Substituting a fully featured SFP28 transceiver with the ML4026 in loopback provides a cost effective low loss method for SFP28 port testing. 

The ML4026 is packaged in a standard MSA housing compatible with all SFP28 ports. High speed signals are electrically lopped back from TX side to RX side of the module, the differential TX pair is connected to the corresponding RX pair, and the signals are AC coupled as specified by SFP MSA HW specs. It provides an economical way to exercise SFP28 ports during R&D validation, production testing, and field testing.

The ML4026 provides SFP28 power Class 1, 2, 3 (standard), or 4 loading using a customer supplied +3.3V
voltage supply.
  • Power Consumption of 2W, spread over 6 spots
  • Operation up to 28Gb/s per lane
  • Dual LED indicator
  • Custom Memory Maps
  • 100% at rate AC testing
  • Temperature range from 0° to 80° C
  • MSA Compliant EEPROM
  • Voltage sense
  • Current sense
  • Temperature sense
  • Insertion Counter
  • Automatic shut down and self-protection
  • Micro controller based