Bandwidth Engine  -- Reduce BOM Cost and Board Space

On-chip memory performance in an off-chip solution
  • Highest Performance Single Chip Solution
  • One Bandwidth Engine can replace multiple traditional memory devices

The comparison between Traditional Solution and Bandwidth Engine  

What Bandwidth Engine delivers : 
  • Innovation (Metering & Statistics On-chip) -> Unique in the Industry
  1. Removes bottlenecks through ALU efficiency
  2. 400GE line rate metering, 16M@100GE Counters, 4M@400GE Counters
  • Performance -> Highest Access Rate or Burst Rate in One Chip
  1. Enabling single chip 200G+ designs
  2. >2X any competing solutions – peak performance at 75% reads or balanced R:W
  • Carrier Grade Quality and Reliability
  1. Bit Safe™ Self Test and Self Repair Option
  2. Memory core: < 10 FIT/Mb
  3. Interface: < 1 FIT
  • System Value -> Replaces multiple legacy memory devices
  1. Delivers tangible Power, Footprint and Economic advantages
  2. Efficient Serial Interface and GCI Transport Protocol
Established FPGA Ecosystem (Simplifies Implementation for new BE-2 & Be-3 Designs)

Broadening FPGA Applicatipon Examples (BEs Wins on Performance, Size, Pins, Power & Cost)

Bandwidth Engine 2 Family

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