QSFP28 100G MSA Full Compliance 


Superior Signal Integrity Characteristics  and Performance to Alternatives Modules.

Complete QSFP28 Development Kit: 
  1. ML4041K 4x28G Passive Host Module-MCB
  2. ML4020-MSMPM 4x28G Beak-out Module-HCB 
  3. ML4002-28 4x28G Passive loopback
  4. ML4048 Retimed loopback

Products Description

The MultiLane QSFP28 Development Kit provides the necessary development tools and reference modules required for developing QSFP28 based products. This kit is essential for development, test, and characterization of QSFP28 based products. It can also be used for testing 100G CDRs, 100G Gearbox devices, 100G QSFP28 ports on routers and line-cards, electro-optical modules, and QSFP28 active optical cables.
Key Features :
  • Superior Signal Integrity design using high performance Rogers 3003/4350 based PCBs
  • Host uses 40GHz End Launch Bo-Jiang 2.92mm K Connectors
  • Full MSA Compliant functionality
  • Passive Loopback Module offers programmable power dissipation with spotted hot areas
  • Temperature Monitor
  • I2C interface compliant with SFF-8436
  • Hosts are controlled via USB-2 interface
  • Windows based user friendly GUI
  • Custom Memory Map

1. ML4041-K QSFP28 Host Test Modules/MCB
ML4041-K is designed to provide an efficient and easy method of programming and testing 100G QSFP28 transceivers, active optical cables. It comes with a complete User friendly GUI supporting all features defined by QSFP28 MSA and simplifying configuration process to enable intuitive memory map programming and testing. It is designed to simulate an ideal environment for QSFP28 transceivers module testing, characterization and manufacturing test.
  • Supports 4x28G interfaces
  • I2C master driven from both on board micro controller or external pin headers
  • 40 GHz Bo-Jiang 2.92mm K Connectors
  • Current Sense
  • Matched differential trace length
  • All 4 channels comes with matching trace length
  • High performance signal integrity traces from K connectors to QSFP28 host connector.
  • On-board LEDs showing MSA output Alarms states.
  • On-board buttons/jumpers for MSA input control signals
  • User friendly GUI for I2C R/W commands and loading custom MSA Memory Maps.
  • Four corner testing capability.
  • USB interface
2. ML4020-MSMPM QSFP28 Breakout Modules/HCB
This Breakout module can be used for testing and characterizing 4x28G line cards and host interfaces.

- Support 4x28G interfaces
- Matched trace length
- Low Insertion Loss Rogers 3003 based material
- HUBER+SUHNER M-SMPM Connector rows


3. ML40x2-28 QSFP28 4x28G Passive Loopback Modules (ML4002/ML4012)

ML4002-28 is used for testing QSFP28 transceiver ports under board level tests. By substituting a full-featured QSFP28 transceiver with the ML4002-28, its electrical loopback provides a cost effective low loss method for QSFP28 port testing.

It provides QSFP28 power Class 1, 2, 3, or 4 loading using a customer supplied +3.3V voltage supply.
  • Support 4x28G
  • I2C slave interface compliant with SFF 8436 Programmable power dissipation up to 3.5W
  • High performance signal integrity traces
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Hot pluggable module
  • Dual LED indicator
  • Custom Memory Maps
  • Supports 112Gb/s total data rate
  • Hot-pluggable MSA footprint
  • Fully SFF-8679 MSA Compliant
  • Temperature range from 0° to 80° C

4. ML4048 4x25/28G QSFP28 Retimed Loopback Modules
  • Support 4x25G/28G
  • MSA Compliant Functionality
  • I2C slave interface compliant with SFF8436
  • Custom Memory Maps
  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Retimed loopback at 25.78/27.95/28.05 Gbps Data Rates
  • PRBS generator and checker capabilities