CFP2-ACO 100G MSA Full Compliance 


Superior Signal Integrity Characteristics  and Performance to Alternatives Modules.

Complete CFP-2 Development Kit: 
  1. ML4027-ACO  4x25G Passive Host Board/MCB 
  2. ML4028-ACO Breakout Module/HCB
  3. ML4030-ACO 4x32G Passive Loopback Module

Products Description
The MultiLane CFP2-ACO Development Kit provides the necessary development tools and reference modules required for developing CFP2-ACO based products. This kit is essential for the development, test and characterization of CFP2-ACO based products. It can also be used for testing 100G CDRs, 100G Gearbox devices, 100G CFP2-AOC ports on routers and switches, electro-optical modules, and 4x32G active optical cables.
Key Features :

- Superior Signal Integrity design using high performance Rogers 3003 based PCBs
- 32G Host board uses  40GHz 2.92mm K connectors
Full MSA Compliant functionality
Loopback Modules offer programmable power dissipation with spotted hot areas
Temperature Monitor
Modules are Configurable from MDIO
Hosts are controlled via USB-2 interface
Diagnostic interface to verify operation of MDIO Slave
Windows based user friendly GUI

1. ML4027-ACO CFP2 4x25G Host Test Modules

ML4027-ACO is designed to provide an easy and effective solution for programming and characterization of CFP2-ACO modules. The ML4027-ACO comes complete with a user friendly GUI supporting all features defined by CFP2 MSA and simplifying configuration process. Current sense circuit is also included on the Host, for checking modules power class.
  • Supports 4x32G interfaces
  • MDIO MSA compliant master
  • 40GHz 2.92mm K Connectors
  • Current Sense
  • Matched length differential pairs
  • High performance signal integrity traces from K Connectors to interface
  • On-board LEDs showing MSA output Alarms states
  • On-board buttons/jumpers for MSA input control signals
  • User friendly GUI for MDIO control and loading custom MSA Memory Maps
  • USB controlled
  • Longest PCB trace loss is 1.25dB @16GHz. 

2. ML4028 CFP2 Breakout Modules

ML4028-ACO breakout module can be used to test and characterize line cards with 4x32G CFP2-ACO host interfaces.
  • OIF compliant HCB
  • Supports 4x32G interface
  • Extends MDIO and control interface to SMA Connector
  • Measured S-Parameters for each module
  • Matched length pairs
  • Low Insertion Loss using Rogers 3003 PCB materials
  • External reference clock to SMA connector
  • Dual 1x8 40GHz Huber & Suhner MXP Connectors
  • Insertion loss is 1.7dB at 16Ghz
3.  ML4030-ACO CFP-2 4x32G Passive Loopback Module

ML4030-ACO is used for Testing CFP2 ports working at 4x32Gbps, packaged in MSA compliant housing offering excellent heat dissipation. The module can be programmed to different power levels through MDIO interface, thus emulating all CFP2 power classes. 
  • Supports 4x32G
  • Superior SI performance
  • Designed for 32G Analog Coherent
  • Matched trace length on all 4 lanes
  • MSA Compliant functionality
  • MDIO slave interface compliant with IEEE802.3 Clause 45
  • Programmable MSA memory pages
  • Programmable power dissipation up to 12W
  • Temperature Monitor, Alarms and Warnings
  • Cut-Off Temperature preventing module overheating
  • 3 status LED Indicator
  • Insertions counter
  • Hot Pluggable module