Product Description
Part number:  
Description:  60W/56V output, No optional function
·         For PDs which need ultra power.

  RJ-45 Input (Data & Power)
Pin Symbol Description
1 BI_DA+ Data Pair A+
2 BI_DA- Data Pair A-
3 BI_DB+ Data Pair B+
4 BI_DC+ Data Pair C+
5 BI_DC- Data Pair C-
6 BI_DB- Data Pair B-
7 BI_DD+ Data Pair D+
8 BI_DD- Data Pair D-
9 Shield Connector shielding
  RJ-45 Output (Data Only)
Pin Symbol Description
1 -Vdc +BI_DA+ Power (-)Data Pair A+
2 -Vdc +BI_DA- Power (-)Data Pair A-
3 +Vdc +BI_DB+ Power (+)Data Pair B+
4 +Vdc +BI_DC+ Power (+)Data Pair C+
5 +Vdc +BI_DC- Power (+)Data Pair C-
6 +Vdc +BI_DB- Power (+)Data Pair B-
7 -Vdc +BI_DD+ Power (-)Data Pair D+
8 -Vdc +BI_DD- Power (-)Data Pair D-
9 Shield Connector shielding

Packaging & Shipping
Mechanical & Dimension
Plastic Case Material PC
Plastic Case Finish Texture
Plastic Case Color Light Gray
Plastic Case Dimension 125 x 72 x 38 (L x W x H) mm.

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