IL600 and IL600A Series Passive-Input Optocoupler Replacements

The award-winning IL600 and IL600A Series Isolators provide unique passive inputs for flexibility similar to LED-input optocouplers. Available with either CMOS or open-drain outputs. Popular IL600/IL600A Series applications include isolated PLCsserial interface receiversI²C busisolated CAN Bus), and wired-or controls
Key features are:

Up to 100 Mbps
Wide Input Voltage Range
Open Drain or CMOS Outputs 
Failsafe Output
No Input-Side Power Supply Required

3 ns typ. PWD
Low EM Emissions
44000 Year Barrier Life
UL1577; IEC 60747 (VDE 0884)
MSOP, SOIC, and PDIP Packages