IL700/IL200 High-Speed Digital Signal Isolators
The ultimate in speed and performance...

IL700/IL200 Isolators are the industry standard for solid-state signal isolation and the ultimate in usable data rate and performance. Standard versions are rated at 2.5 kVrms isolation and 600 Vrms Working Volts; V-Series versions are rated at 6 kVrms isolation and 1000 Vrms Working Volts. Popular IL700/IL200 applications includeserial interfacesisolated Controller Area Network (CAN Bus)isolated Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI)isolated A/D converters, and isolated power interfaces.

Key features are:

Up to 150 Mbps
PWD to 300 ps
100 ps Pulse Jitter
10 ns Typical Propagation Delay
<2 mA/Ch Max. Quiescent Current
50 kV/µs Transient Immunity

Up to 125°C
Up to 6 kV isolation (with "V" suffix) 
Up to 1 kV Working Voltage
44000 Year Barrier Life 
Low EM Emissions
SOIC, PDIP, MSOP, and QSOP Packages