[LIPS] LIPSedge™ L210u/L215u Series 3D Structured Light Camera

LIPSedge™ L210u/L215u Series 3D Structured Light Camera
  LIPSedgeTM L215u                                LIPSedgeTM L210u
The LIPSedgeTM L210u/L215u 3D structured light cameras, with up to Full-HD resolution, high precision (≤ 0.3% @100cm), and 940nm wavelength VCSEL light source can be used indoors and outdoors, and can support short-range 3D sensing applications such as 3D scan, 3D facial recognition, 3D measurement, and visual defect inspection.  The small form factor and high cost-performance of the LIPSedgeTM L210u/L215u series make it an ideal RealSenseTM alternative for customers looking to transition.
​Structured Light Technology

• Small form factor (L x W x H) : 54 x 25 x 11.3 mm
• FoV : 50° x 74° x 84° / Range : 0.3 ~ 1 m
• Depth resolution : 1280*800
• Indoor & outdoor use / Featuring VCSEL @ 940nm 

Key Product Features
1. Compact size for embedded integration
     • Two for factors: Module (LIPSedgeTM L210u) & w/ Enclosure (LIPSedgeTM L215u)
2. High-accuracy & optimized for short-range applications  
     • Up to 0.3% @ 100cm accuracy with depth resolution 1280*800
     • Featuring global shutter
3. Support both indoor & outdoor use
     • Featuring VCSEL @ 940nm with sunlight resistance up to 80K Lux
4. USB plug & play to a host PC
5. Industrial framework support: OpenNI, OpenCV & ROS
6. Cross-platform OS support on Windows & Linux
7. Solution Ready Package from LIPS
     • LIPSMetricTM Handheld Dimensioning Camera Kit​