[Multilane] Multilane launches OSFP 800G Interconnect develop kit

Multilane launches OSFP 800G Interconnect develop kit

Due to the ever-increasing bandwidth demand of hyperscale data centers, the transition to 400G Ethernet is now in full swing and the industry is already planning for the next phase of 800G. OSFP is one of the leading multi-source agreements to drive the development of 800G interconnectivity and MultiLane provides an OSFP development kit that includes a module compliance board, host compliance board and loopback module.

The OSFP development kit is an essential tool that enables the testing of 800G OSFP products. The module compliance board (MCB) is used to test transceivers, AOCs, and DACs. The host compliance board (HCB) enables the testing of system host ports, and the loopback modules (LB) provide an economical way to exercise system ports during R&D validation, production testing, and field testing.
  1. 800G OSFP MCB -- ML4064-MCB-112
  2. 800G OSFP HCB -- ML4064-HCB-112
  3. 800G OSFP Loopback -- ML4064-LB-112
** 800G QSFP-DD-112 will released shortly. We will keep you update.