P6X series Managed Timing Engine Board
Emerging applications in 4G, LTE-Advanced Infrastructure, 5G, and the migration of transmission and distribution substations towards the smart grid have been fueling the need for higher precision time synchronization. Qulsar’s Managed Timing Engine (MTE) board P6X, is a best of breed solution for network equipment vendors looking to implement a time synchronization system using IEEE1588 PTP packet timing to deliver a full, high performance, robust timing solution. 

The P64 is an ordinary clock which can serve as a master or slave:
  • Slave: Uses industry leading algorithms to extract time from a PTP input stream and produces stable frequency and time outputs
  • Master: Generates PTP, frequency and phase outputs acting as the master with GNSS reference. It is also capable of utilizing multi-sync inputs
The P68 is gateway clock that can serve as both master and slave at the same time. It has 2 PTP ports whereas the P64 is a single port PTP device. The P68 can accept multiple sources of reference such as GNSS, PTP, SyncE and any other reference frequency.

  • Full IEEE 1588 -2008 grandmaster, slave and gateway clock functionality
  • Support one-step and two-step clock
  • Support both P2P and E2E modes
  • Support multicast and unicast
  • Support frequency recovery over SyncE
  • 1PPS, 5/10/20/25 MHz frequency and ToD output
  • Telecom, power and default profiles
  • Fully transparent, low latency pass through traffic
  • Industry leading algorithms for G.8261 test suite

  • Simple integration into host system
  • Multiple holdover performance options
  • Low power consumption (enables POE capability)
  • Rapid time to market
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • P64 Ordinary Clock and P68 Gateway Clock
  • Macro eNodeBs
  • Carrier Ethernet EADs, switches and routers
  • PTP Edge Grandmasters
  • Power grid time synchronization server & client systems
  • Internet of Things & industrial precise time synchronization

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