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Ethernet Over Coax, EOC:











The EOC-010X are point-to-multipoint EoC (Ethernet over Coax) solution that efficiently extends 10/100 Ethernet circuits to over 800 meters (2,624feet) at 160Mbps using existing coaxial cable. The EOC-010X will allow Ethernet connectivity in existing facilities or homes without pulling extra cable. This is perfect solution for Ethernet on the factory floor where systems have been upgraded from slower serial communication to Ethernet networking. The EOC-010X is used in Coaxial cable systems to extend Ethernet connectivity over existing CCTV/CATV grade Coaxial cable. The EOC-010xM is a master/bridge unit which will connect to multiple EOC-010xS subscriber units.    


Product Features
  • High-speed up to 160Mbps communications link over existing coaxial cable, symmetrical on EoCNA 160Mbps @up to 800 meters (2624 feet), reach down to 32Mbps @about 1.2Km (4000 feet) 
  • Operates transparently to high layer protocols such as TCP/IP
  • Auto-MDIX and auto-negotiation 10Base-T or 100Base-TX and Full or Half-Duplex on the Ethernet port
  • Plug and Play design for simple installation, single switch configuration
  • Status LEDs for simple monitoring of the device and connection status
  • Supports cascaded mode, can up to 32 units
Product Series

1. EOC-0101x seres : provide the simple bridge function as Coax to Ethernet. 

2. EOC-0102x series : One more Ethernet port than EOC-0101. Also provide powerful network management function, like 802.1Q, 802.1p and Port/Queue based Rate limiting.

Product Spec.
  • Network Standards

n   ITU G.9954 Ethernet Over Coaxial Network (EoCNA)

n   IEEE802.3 10BASE-T, 10Mbit/s

n   IEEE802.3u 100BASE-TX, Fast Ethernet at 100Mbit/s, Auto-negotiation

n   IEEE802.3x Full Duplex and Flow Control

n   IEEE802.1Q 802.1Q tag-based VLANs  (EOC-0102 Series)

n   IEEE802.1p Multi-Priority assignment, Differential queue weight, Port-based and queue-based rate limiting  (EOC-0102 Series)

n   Multicast Applications: Supports IGMPv1/v2 snooping  (EOC-0102 Series)

n   Port Rate limit function  (EOC-0102 Series) 


  • Protocol:

n   Ethernet; Transparent to higher layer protocols 

  • Connectors

n   Fast Ethernet One RJ-45 Connector (EOC-0101 Series)

n   Fast Ethernet Two RJ-45 Connector (EOC-0102 Series)

n   Coax Two F-Type Female Coax Connectors, One for EoCNA trunk, the other for CATV


  • Transmission Power and Spectrum

n   8 +/-1 dBm

n   12-28 MHZ


  • Transmission Speed and Distance

n   Up to 112Mbps@900 meters

n   Up to 4000 Feet (-176dBm/Hz Noise Floor)


  • Fast Ethernet Interface

n   10/100 Mbps

n   MDI/MDI-X Auto Crossover


  • Quality of Service 

n   Priority Base on IEEE802.1p and TCP/UDP port

n   Guaranteed QoS base on Layer II Parameterized QoS


  • Network Management

n   Diagnostic EoCNA function

n   Secured/Isolated Communication between devices

n   Provision/Denial of Service 


  • Indicators

n   “Power” LED, Alarm LED ,

n   LAN Link/Act LED

n   EoCNA SyncMode LED, Link/Act LED


  • Environmental Conditions

n   Operating Temperature 0°C ~ 50°C (32°F ~ 131°F)

n   Storage Temperature -10°C ~ 65°C (14°F ~ 149°F)

n   Operating Humidity 10% ~ 90%Non-condensing


  • Power Requirement

n   External Power Supply 5VDC

n   Power Consumption < 3.25 Watts (EOC-0101 series)  ; <6 Watts (EOC-0102 series)


  • Physical Dimension

n   155mm(W) x 83mm(D) x 30mm(H) 


  • Unit Weight

n   330 g


  • Emissions Compliance

n   FCC part 15 Class B, CE Mark

Performance Table

EOC-0101x Coax application (RG59)

Path attenuation [dB] Line Rate [Mb/s]
















No connectivity

Table 1: Rate vs. Attenuation for Coax


a.) Recommend Each Master to CPE Modem attenuation range below in 44dB.

b.) RG 59@20 operator@30MHz , Common Cable loss reference 4.954dB/100 meters

·       Extend LAN connectivity to a remote site or between buildings 
·       Connect Ethernet to different Room over existing home Coaxial infrastructure
·       Connect new controller technology on the factory floor using existing wiring
·       Extend Ethernet connectivity from a backbone network to an isolated location via Coaxial cable
·       Transmit Video and traffic controller information over existing Coaxial cable


Application 1 :  FTTB with EOC



Application 2 :  How the EOC work with exist Coax Csable ?